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A musical impression of a journey
From New Orleans to New York

1Jazzband in the 'Maison Bourbon' Bourbon street', New Orleans. Song starts with the starting of the engine of a Volkswagen '71 van that was used in part of the travel.

2 The legendary Carl drew song, Memphis, Carl drew band. Rik playing background guitar. Arriving in Memphis, I saw this band play in Beale street. They invited me to play a few songs together with them. And afterwards they said I could play along any time I wanted and take a share of the tip bucket. Lead player Carl Drew was at the time 81 years old.

3 Standing at the crossroads, jamming at 'The poor and hungry', Memphis. Rik playing acoustic (slide) guitar. Other jam band members unknown.

4 Shake it down baby, by Earl the pearl, Memphis

When you come in contact with jesus christ, Priest preaching Memphis. I was walking along the street I used to busk frequently and I heard this disturbing sound, I followed it and I took out my recorder of course.

6 Band in 'the peoples temple, Memphis. Through my friend Chuck Vicious, who let me play in the coffeehouse he ran, I stayed sometimes at the peoples temple, a cultural squad house where they used to organise a lot of band events as well. In this house I also randomly met Jay Reatard, who gave me one of his last vinyl albums. I remember his girlfriend at the time didn't agree..

7 James Boyd theme, Reagan TN

8 Boyd family jam, Reagan TN

9 Crawling king snake, by Richard Johnston, Memphis

10 How're y'all doin John (carl Drew band), Memphis

11 Good words I hate lose, Rik, San Antonio

12 Desperado woman,jamming at 'The Poor and hungry', Memphis

13 Why did you leave me here all alone, jam between Marcellus Evans and Rik, Memphis

14 What's the red light on for then?

15 Oh no, you don't want me no mo' Carl Drew band

16 Mississippi Mocking bird, Rik

17 You get me through the night, Rik

18 Piano man, Arty davis, New York

  All tracks recorded on a Sony recordable walkman with an ECM-717 stereo microphone, between March 3rd and June3rd 2002 en route in the USA. Overdubs on track 11 were done at the Skyline motel in San Antonio with a portable cassette recorder. Mixed at the Tomas Gons home studio in Amsterdam, Holland. Coverdesign by Rik van den Bosch. Cover processing, thanks Tomas Gons, Miguel Kooreman and Joost Olsthoorn.
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