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At the age of seven, Rik built his own guitar using a tin can, a chunk of wood and a nylon string. He has been making music ever since. 

Rik writes, sings, and plays his own songs, drawing from a wide influence of styles: folk, blues, rock 'n' roll, gypsy, and country. His music tells stories of travel, perseverance, and - of course - love.

He plays shows throughout Europe armed with a variety of tools to create a full and interesting sound, from his slide and harmonica to his incredible vocal range. 

Rik was invited to open Folk in a Field in 2018, and is a regular in UK folk clubs such as Redbourn and The Stables. Dutch blues legend Michael de Jong was counted amongst Rik's fans before his sad passing in 2018. 

Rik van den Bosch is an outstanding guitarist

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