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Souvenirs, 2015

Rik van den Bosch, guitars and vocals and trumpet
Toni Sanchez, piano

Adela Peraita, backing vocals on Love on the rocks

Noemi Garcies, backing vocals on Little Island and Undertaker

Curro Viera, percussion on Undertaker

Tinons March, backing vocals on Muerto en mis manos

Carles Bujosa, flute on Little Island

All songs written by Rik van den Bosch except for Satisfied mind, by Jack Rhodes and Joe 'red' Hayes

Recorded and mixed at Chateau Petit in Mallorca by Joan Castells during May and June 2014

Produced by Joan E Castells and Rik van den Bosch

Mastered by Yves Roussel


Sleeve design info

Photos and Artwork by Villi Asgeirsson

Additional photography by Jessie Tichelaar

Cover photo by Paolo Corradeghini

Photo on page 2 by Jean Michel Marchetti


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