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Over the summer of 2016, a group of Barcelona’s leading musical talents came together, funded by a successful Verkami crowdfunding campaign, to lay down drums, double bass, and at one point an 80-strong vocal chorus to accompany a series of brand new tracks written by acoustic guitarist and vocalist Rik Van Den Bosch. The end result of their efforts is Rik’s crashing new EP: Love On The Rocks, together with four accompanying videos.


Already a well-established musician across Europe, the four new songs are drawn from Van Den Bosch’s varied life experiences and includes themes which many of us can relate to such as falling in love, and the demise of a relationship. Anyone who’s ever been through a break up will empathise with the eponymous track Love On The Rocks: If love must be this way / It must be an endless war / I’m drinking love on the rocks.


However, some topics are more unique, like the track Head full of cotton wool which views the world as a psychiatric patient, and ‘Undertaker’ in which Van Den Bosch’s wry lyrical talent shines a light on the macabre subject of death. The video for this last track documents the Dutchman roaming the sun-drenched streets of Barcelona in full undertaker get-up, guitar in hand, asking unsuspecting locals and tourists to chime in for the chorus: Undertaker, Undertaker / He’s gonna work for me one day!


American-Dutch folk and blues legend Michael de Jong said of the title track ‘Love On The Rocks’: ‘You should be proud of this one!’


Van Den Bosch said of the recording process, ‘I wrote these tracks last year, and although I was happy with the songs themselves, I wasn’t happy with the original recordings. The usual story – there just wasn’t enough money, and it felt rushed.’


Wanting to enhance the sound and overall impact of the tracks, Van Den Bosch approached fellow musicians and artists including Luis Bestard on Drums, Jorge Darocha on Double Bass and Carola Zafarana on extra vocals to accompany his unique finger-picking guitar style.


Rik says, ‘A friend told me about her successful crowdfunding campaign, and I thought I’d have a go. After 4 weeks we had raised €2200, which meant I could at least pay something towards for the time and effort of the musicians. It made a huge difference as everyone could put aside good chunks of time towards the recording and editing. I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed, and really pleased with the result!’


Love on the Rocks is available to listen or through


For information on back catalogue material, inspiration behind the new tracks, plus interviews and bookings please contact Rik directly.


Notes to Editors

About Rik Van Den Bosch: Rik is a solo artist, armed with a variety of tools to create a full and interesting sound, from his slide and mouth harp, to his incredible vocal range.  He writes, sings, and plays his own songs on his acoustic guitar, drawing from a wide influence of styles: original folk and blues sounds from way back, sixties’ rock ’n’ roll grooves, and up-to-the-minute pure rock rhythms - with elements of gypsy and Spanish influence thrown in for good measure. 


You can get the latest news, listen to the E.P. and watch the videos on his website:


Rik regularly tours Europe, returning to his homeland in the Netherlands, traversing Germany, or heading south to Spain and Italy for warmer climes. He is playing his first UK dates in 2017.


Keep an eye out for a city near you.

The Press about Rik van den Bosch

‘Rhythm & blues, folk, country, blues en Mexicana, it sounds like it’s his second nature’

Machiel Coehorst of Music magazine

This is an excellent Album, with which in our opinion he can conquor Europe’

Jos van den Berg of Dutch music magazine Platomania,

Folk, blues, rhythm ‘n’ blues, country and even Mexican influences. It s the logical musical World for the one that cycled three months long from New Orleans to New York with a guitar on his back, to play on the streets along the way. Ruud Heijer, Popmagazine Heavan

'Together with his Spanish Companions Rik has produced a magnificent album that makes you definitely want to hear more’ Joachim Brookes of German Music magazine ‘Rocktimes’


The song “Volcano”  makes a big impression and may underline again to the full the composing talent of this musician.Valsam, of Belgian magazine

‘Rik van den Bosch is an outstanding Gitarist’ Holly Moors, of Dutch music magazine ‘Moors’







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